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Conversations Guide for Yes


Why have a chat?

If every Yes supporter convinced 3 undecided voters each, we will achieve a resounding Yes!

The best way to build support is by simply having a chat. 

Research shows that the majority of undecided voters are leaning towards Yes, they just need someone to get them over the line.

Talk to your family, talk to your friends, your neighbours, and colleagues. 

We only get one shot at this and the conversations we have today will make all the difference tomorrow. 


How to have the chat

Starting the conversation isn’t hard, just ask them what they think.

Start with an open question and let them talk, for example, "What do you reckon about the Voice to Parliament Referendum?"

This might be the first time they’ve thought about the issue, give them space to work it out for themselves.

Some people haven’t heard about the referendum at all. If that’s the case, tell them why you’re voting Yes and what it means to you. 

Ask questions and listen.

If they have questions here’s a few facts:

1. Recognition
The Voice is about recognising and respecting 65,000 years of Indigenous culture and history for the very first time in Australia’s 122 year old constitution.

2. Listening
The Voice is a committee of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who give advice to Parliament on issues that affect them. They simply provide advice, like many other groups already do - it’s up to politicians to decide how they use it. This idea is decades old, and came from Indigenous people, not politicians. Over 80% of Indigenous Australians support it. Listening will mean better results - and better value for money.

3. Protecting
Writing the Voice for Indigenous Australians into the Constitution protects it from being easily dismantled by changing Governments, bureaucrats or politicians. 

4. Better Results
The Voice will mean improving the results for Indigenous health, education, employment and housing, so people have a better life. 

If they still aren’t sure, talk it through.

Talk it through with them, ask why they’re leaning one way, and remind them why you are voting Yes.

There are people who support the idea of constitutional recognition but aren’t quite sure how they’ll vote.

That might be because they’re not sure how the Voice would make a practical difference, or they might have heard misinformation. 


Track your impact, record your calls and help us reach out 1 million calls for Yes target! 

If you've called all your friends and want to do more, join our virtual phone team calling undecided voters.