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South Australians set to Walk for Yes

In a resounding display of support for a Yes vote, thousands of South Australians are set to take part in major walks today in Adelaide and on Kangaroo Island.

Events in South Australia: 

  • Adelaide Walk for Yes from Victoria Square at 11.30am Saturday 16 September, followed by live performances from Australian music icons Paul Kelly, Emma Donovan and Marlon Motlop.

Yes23 Campaign Director Dean Parkin expressed his enthusiasm for the widespread growing support for a Yes vote across South Australia. 

“We are witnessing the people-powered nature of our campaign, as thousands of South Australians from all walks of life come together in support of a Yes vote,” Mr Parkin said. 

“There's no better time for South Australians to be part of this unifying moment. I encourage South Australians to attend these walks and find out more about the positive difference a Yes vote will make to the lives of Indigenous people. 

“South Australians will walk together this weekend, just as we are asking them to walk together with us on 14 October to recognise, listen and deliver better outcomes on the ground. 

“These walks will be taking place all over the country this weekend and are a symbol of our collective commitment to positive change. It's heartening to see so many people engaging with the Yes campaign, understanding its significance, and joining this positive opportunity to establish a better way forward for our nation.”

Federal Minister for Social Services and South Australian member for Kingston Amanda Rishworth said the referendum presented Australians with the moment to take our next unified step as a nation.

“The Voice is about three simple – but extremely important – things: recognition, listening and achieving better outcomes together,” Minister Rishworth said.

“Right now our Constitution is silent when it comes to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and 65,000 years of culture and tradition. It’s time to fix that. 

“There is nothing to fear – and everything to gain – from constitutional recognition through an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament. It’s time to listen by voting Yes.”

South Australian Aboriginal Affairs Minister and Attorney-General Kyam Maher said it was time to “get this done”.

“I cannot stress enough how important it is that Australians are enrolled to vote to play their part in an important moment in our history.

“Quite simply saying ‘yes’ is about allowing Aboriginal people to have more of a say in the decisions that affect their lives: An advisory body that will help Goverments do better.

“It is overwhelmingly supported by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“The time is now to recognise the oldest living culture and its people in our Nation’s constitution.”

For more information on the Walk for Yes events taking place across Australia this weekend visit –

About Yes23

Yes23 brings together grassroots organisations all campaigning for constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through a voice to parliament.

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