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Join supporters around Australia to Walk for Yes on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September.

Australians will head to the polls in just a matter of weeks and vote in a referendum that’s been 65,000 years in the making. We will be asked to listen to Indigenous Australians, recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture, and protect their voices in Australia’s 122 year old constitution.

Support for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament has grown into a powerful movement of over 30,000 volunteers – one of the biggest grassroots movements Australia has ever seen. 

As the referendum gets closer and momentum builds, now is the time to come together and show our support for recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the constitution through a Voice to Parliament.

This is our time to cut through noise and misinformation - our chance to show the country just how positive and unifying this moment can be.

We also have a great range of music acts performing at walks across Australia: Paul Kelly, Emma Donovan & MARLON in Adelaide. Peter Garrett, Mia Wray MARLON & Spiderbait in Melbourne. John Butler & Phil Walleystack in Perth. Toni Janke, Bernard Fanning & Busby Marou in Brisbane. Dan Salton & Missy Higgins in Sydney. 


Find the resources you need to campaign in your community. Together, we can achieve a resounding Yes at the referendum - for a better future.

Show your support

Show your support for yes and help build the visibility of our movement. By proudly wearing a shirt, putting up a poster or a sticker on your car we encourage others to express their support. All proceeds help power this campaign.

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